Michael Goedhuis has been committed for thirty years to dealing in the finest works of Asian art with a particular emphasis on later Chinese bronzes (11th to 18th century A.D) and Japanese bronzes from the 15th century. This is an important field which has not yet attracted the prominence of many other areas of Chinese art which are being energetically acquired by the new generation of buyers from China.

Long considered the Cinderella of Chinese arts, later bronzes are however increasingly being recognized as one of the most fertile, subtle and complex areas of contemporary scholarship.

In the latter half of the 19th century Chinese and Japanese examples were purchased enthusiastically but indiscriminately by collectors and dealers in Paris as well as by some Western museums, in particularly the Victoria & Albert museum which enjoy extensive holdings.

Japanese bronzes from the 15th century onwards benefited from easy access to Chinese civilization and it is fascinating to witness the Japanese response to Chinese aesthetics in their greater restlessness and experimentation as opposed to the measured assurance of their Chinese counterparts.

  • Bronze Incense Burner, China, Qing Dynasty c. 1700

  • Suzuki Chokichi

    Cast bronze vase with chiseled applied decoration, Japan, Meiji Period, c. 1880

  • Bronze Flower Vessel of Mimikuchi Flying-Handles Form, Japan, Edo Period c. 1800 or before

  • Bronze Plaque Depicting a Qilin in Foliage, China, Qing Dynasty, 17th Century

  • Bronze Stick-Neck Baluster Vase, China, Yuan/Ming Dynasty

  • Bronze Qilin Censer, China, Late Ming Dynasty, 17th Century

  • Bronze Incense Burner in Form of Mythical Beast (Luduan), China, Ming/Qing Dynasty, 17th Century

  • Bronze Figure of Liu Hai - Daoist God of Prosperity, China, Ming Dynasty, 16th Century

  • Bronze Censer, China, Ming Dynasty, 16th Century

  • Bronze Hu with Dragon Handles, China, Late Ming/early Qing Dynasty, 17th Century

  • Bronze Flower Vessel, China, Yuan or early Ming period, 12th to 14th century

  • Bronze Mythological Animal Inlaid in Silver and Gold
    China, Ming to early Qing Dynasty, 15th to 17th century

  • Bronze Flower Vase with Ring Handles, Japan, Edo Period, 1615 - 1868

  • Bronze Flower Vase, China, Song - Yuan Dynasty,12th - 14th century

  • Bronze Tripod Censer, China, Qing Dynasty, 17th/18th Century

  • Bronze Figure of a Barbarian Holding a Bottle, China, Ming Dynasty, late 15th - early 16th century

  • Bronze Hu Vessel China, Han Dynasty (206 B.C - 220 AD)

  • Bronze Incense Holder China, Ming Dynasty (1368 - 1644)

  • Bronze Flower Vase
    Japan, Edo Period, 17th/18th century

  • Bronze Flower Vase
    Japan, Edo Period, 17th/19th century

  • Bronze Seated Official
    China, Ming Dynasty, 15th to 16th century

  • A Bronze Baluster Vase
    China, Song/Yuan Dynasty

  • Gilt Bronze Candlestick
    China, Tang Dynasty (618 - 907 AD)

  • A Bronze Trumpet-Mouth Vase
    China, Yuan Dynasty, 1271 - 1368

  • A Pair of Gilt Bronze Figures
    China, Qing Dynasty, 18th century

  • Bronze Parcel Gilt Flower Vase
    China, early Ming Dynasty, 15th century

  • Bronze Vase of Flower Shaped Form
    China, Qing dynasty, 17th-18th century

  • Bronze Covered Bottle
    China, Sui dynasty (589 - 618 AD)

  • Bronze Censer in the Form of a Recumbent Mythical Animal
    China, Ming Dynasty, 15th/16th century

  • Bronze Flower Vase
    Japan, Edo period, 17th/18th century

  • Bronze Suibyo (Pitcher)
    Japan, 16th century

  • Bronze Temple Flower Vase
    Japan, Edo Period, 18th century

  • Bronze Temple Flower Vase with Inscription Japan, Edo Period, dated 1730

  • Bronze Temple Flower Vase
    Japan, Edo period, 18th century