Emilie Pugh


Born in London in 1988, Emilie Pugh studied at Byam Shaw School of Art, The Ruskin School of Fine Art and Drawing at Oxford University. She currently lives and works in London. Her work over the past few years has been guided by an interest in the interconnectivity of all living things. It draws on systems of belief from the spiritual to the scientific, the micro to the macro and the conflicting or confluent universal forces that govern them. Through drawing, burning, moving 3D installation and light work, she investigates the invisible currents that permeate our everyday existence. Time, breath, pulse, energy pathways, psychological cartographies; those things which are felt or heard rather than seen. With a focus on drawing Emilie Pugh employs a wide variety of mediums and processes. A combination of unconventional methods of mark making, a lit incense stick, gunpowder, chemicals, thread and light as well as the more conventional pen and ink. The choice of material and the process are inextricably bound with the concepts. Everything is in flux, evolving, growing dying and dissolving in a perpetual cycle. She is compelled by the tensions that exist between the transient and the permanent; between form and the void, and what is material and immaterial.


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Emilie Pugh