Noémie Rocher


Born in France in 1979, Noémie Rocher is a contemporary artist living and working in Paris. Her artis-tic journey started at a Chinese Calligraphy studio, after which she studied Fine Art and Philosophy in Aix-en-Provence followed by a fine-art course at Guildhall, London. She later worked in Damien Hirst’s studio towards an exhibition at Gagosian.

Her inspiration is rich and multitude: the banks of the river Thames, the oeuvre of the Egyptian-French poet Andrée Chédid, as well as the cardiovascular disease of a relative. Currently, Rocher is focusing on her personal inclination towards the Romantics and Chinese Calligraphy, each work intri-cately layered with Chinese ink and acrylic, applied over several months. The art critic Danny Moyni-han compared the metaphysicality of her works to that of Caspar David Friedrich. This association with the Western Romantics, rendered in Chinese ink makes her works a streamlined amalgamation of East and West.


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Noémie Rocher