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China is the oldest surviving civilisation on earth and Chinese contemporary ink works, from calligraphy and paintings to photography and video, express the continuation of this vast past in ways that are meaningful for society today both in China and the West.

Calligraphy is the sublime and central achievement of China and has been practised for hundreds of years by literally millions of Chinese, for whom it is a method of achieving the harmonious integration of mind and body.

Painting, together with calligraphy, poetry and music, constitutes one of the four key traditional arts of China and is an extension of the art of calligraphy. It is, therefore, like calligraphy, linked to the sacred prestige of the written word.

Today's ink artists are deeply aware of the classical canon and its aesthetic and moral imperatives and have carefully studied the old masters - as Picasso and Cézanne studied Raphael, Poussin, Velázquez and others, in order to formulate their own pictorial revolution.

Very many different stylistic approaches have evolved over the past 30 years. Works now range from those that, at first sight, look quite traditional but in fact embody powerful, fresh aesthetic initiatives, via those poised delicately in an intermediate style, to those that are unambiguously avant-garde. But all of the best contemporary practitioners have a common purpose... to create works that do not jettison the great cultural legacy of the past in formulating a language that addresses the intellectual, cultural and social issues of today.

  • Linhai Wang

  • Alice Von Maltzahn

  • Chun-yi Lee 李君毅

  • Emilie Pugh

  • Gao Xingjian 高行健

  • Hudson Richard

  • Le Guo 郭洛

  • Leung Kui Ting 梁巨廷

  • Li C. X

  • Li Jin 李津

  • Li Xubai 李虚白

  • Liu Kuo-sung 刘国松

  • Liu Qinghe 刘庆和

  • Lo Ch'ing 罗青

  • Lu Hao 卢昊

  • Noémie Rocher

  • Qin Feng 秦风

  • Qiu Anxiong 邱黯雄

  • Qiu Deshu 仇德树

  • Qiu Jie 邱节

  • Qiu Zhijie 邱志杰

  • Tai Xiangzhou 泰祥洲

  • Tong Yangtze 董阳孜

  • Wang Dongling 王冬龄

  • Wang Tiande 王天德

  • Wei Ligang 魏立刚

  • Wenda Gu 谷文达

  • Whitney McVeigh

  • Wucius Wong 王无邪

  • Xie Aige

  • Xu Hualing 徐华翎

  • Yang Yanping 杨燕屏

  • Yao Jui-chung 姚瑞中

  • Zeng Xiaojun 曾小俊

  • Zhang Zhaohui 张朝晖

  • Zhi Guan 官志

  • Zhu Daoping 朱道平