Expo Chicago

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Expo Chicago

Friday, 28 September 2018 - Sunday, 30 September 2018

Navy Pier in the Festival Hall
600 E Grand Ave
Chicago IL 60611
United States

  • Lo Ch'ing 罗青 Memories of the Southern Spring Morning, 2013
  • Qiu Deshu 仇德树 Fissuring - Group Portrait, 1996
  • Yao Jui-chung 姚瑞中 Good Times: Paint from Life, 2015
  • Qin Feng 秦风 Desire, Landscape No. 11.1a, 2011
  • Hudson Richard Embrace, 2001
  • Wei Ligang 魏立刚 The Dews from the Tung Trees Floating in the Woods; Smoke Float Profoundly from the Furnace
  • Wei Ligang 魏立刚 Peacock- Pearl and Jade B
  • Hudson Richard Love Me
  • Hudson Richard Tear
  • Emilie Pugh Twin Cyclone
  • Whitney McVeigh Irrespective of Time
  • Whitney McVeigh Landscape (human)
  • Lo Ch'ing 罗青 Ten Thousand Mountains and a White House