Qin Feng, Desire Scenery Series 0013, 2012.  49 x 79 in (125 x 200 cm)

Michael Goedhuis has been committed for thirty years to dealing in the finest works of Asian art with a major recent focus on Chinese Contemporary Ink Art.

Ink art is the quintessential art-form of Chinese civilization and its contemporary version, rooted in works of unquestioned virtuosity and quality, provides collectors and institutions with a foothold not only in what is fashionable but what is meaningful as a continuation of the vitality of Chinese culture.

Michael Goedhuis’s contemporary art gallery in London represents very many different stylistic approaches, which have evolved significantly over the past thirty years. Works now range from those that at first sight look quite traditional but in fact embody powerful fresh aesthetic initiatives by artists like Liu Dan, Li Xubai, Li Huayi and Yang Yanping, to those that are unambiguously avant-garde seen in the works of Yang Jiechang, Qiu Anxiong, Qiu Zhijie and others.

Michael Goedhuis also places emphasis on bronze works of art both archaic and “later” from the Song period (12th Century AD) onwards. Long considered the Cinderella of Chinese art, later bronzes are increasingly being recognised as one of the most subtle and complex areas of contemporary scholarship.

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