Noémie Rocher

Born in France in 1979, Noémie Rocher is a contemporary artist living and working in Paris. Her artistic journey started at a Chinese Calligraphy studio, after which she studied Fine Art and Philosophy in Aix-en-Provence followed by a fine-art course at Guildhall, London. She later worked in Damien Hirst’s studio towards an exhibition at Gagosian.

Her inspiration is rich and multitude: the banks of the river Thames, the oeuvre of the Egyptian-French poet Andrée Chédid, as well as the cardiovascular disease of a relative. Currently, Rocher is focusing on her personal inclination towards the Romantics and Chinese Calligraphy, each work intricately layered with Chinese ink and acrylic, applied over several months. The art critic Danny Moynihan compared the metaphysicality of her works to that of Caspar David Friedrich. This association with the Western Romantics, rendered in Chinese ink makes her works a streamlined amalgamation of East and West.