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  • Michael Goedhuis on Qin Feng

    10th May 2016

    Michael Goedhuis is delighted to present our latest video on artist Qin Feng.

    A tough, rebellious, iconoclastic Ink artist, Qin Feng has established an international reputation as one of the art-stars of the Chinese cultural landscape. His work has long been recognised and collected by numerous museums both in the West and in Asia, and has been represented in many of the major international exhibitions throughout the world in the past twenty years, including the Venice Biennale and The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.

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  • Yao Jui-Chung

    11th June 2015

    Born in 1969, Yao Jui-chung is now internationally recognised as one of the most innovative Chinese artists of his generation. However, his work runs against the current of much of the mainstream avant-garde, in its unabashed delight in producing a visual experience for the viewer that is beautiful as well as intellectually provocative.

    Artist, curator, critic, author – Yao challenges expectations and cultural norms in diverse ways. He is equally comfortable with photography, sculpture, performance and installation art as well as theatre and film. Yao has attracted international recognition for all of these various ways in which he aims to render the zeitgeist of the last years, years that have been so fertile for the emergence of Chinese artists.

    Yao graduated from the National University of the Arts in 1994 and currently teaches at the National Taiwan University of Fine Arts. Like many artists and writers of his generation, much of his work has been rooted in issues surrounding Taiwan’s national and cultural identity and his country’s complex relationship with the Mainland.

  • Yang Yanping at Michael Goedhuis

    22nd October 2014

    Michael Goedhuis and GalleryLOG team up to bring you a compelling 2 minute video featuring artist Yang Yanping — one of the most distinguished contemporary ink painters from China. Yang is well versed in many traditional styles but has excelled in depicting the lotus flower, a symbol of purity, transience, the fragility of nature, and the potential for regeneration. For Yang, what has mattered are the ideals of high visual quality and an artistic autonomy that allows her to embrace modernism without jettisoning the lessons from the classical Chinese world of high culture.

  • Michael Goedhuis on Lo Ch'ing

    23rd May 2014

    Michael Goedhuis and GalleryLOG team up for another installment from the video series on Chinese artists. In this interview, Michael Goedhuis discusses the work and artistic practice of internationally renowned poet, painter, and calligrapher Lo Ch’ing. The artist has been a major innovator in ink painting, for which he has created a new visual vocabulary that deconstructs the classical forms of Chinese landscape by introducing into his compositions abstract and geometric elements as well as unexpected contemporary motifs.

  • Michael Goedhuis on Wei Ligang

    27th February 2014

    Michael Goedhuis and GalleryLOG bring you another 2 minute video on their series on contemporary Chinese art. In this instalment on our upcoming exhibition for the Ink painter and calligrapher Wei Ligang, we focus on his interpretation of contemporary aesthetics and today's cultural revolution in China. His commitment to expressing the transformation of society is rooted in the indissoluble link to traditional Chinese calligraphy and in his deep study of the past. Just as Cézanne and Picasso assimilated the works of Raphael, Poussin and Velázquez and other Old Masters to develop their own revolutionary pictorial language, so Wei Ligang is grappling with the same challenge - how to express today's world in works that are meaningful precisely because they take account of the past in order to make sense of the present.

  • Michael Goedhuis on Xie Aige

    6th February 2014


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