Multiple Cosmos

Multiple Cosmos III

Multiple Cosmos II

Multiple Cosmos I

Entanglement III

Entanglement II

Entanglement I

The Sun


Tribute to Rubens

Man and Horse

Sleep Soundly

Bronze censer

Pair of Bronze Presentation Temple Vases

Flying Handle Bronze Flower Vase

Bronze Flower Vase


Mountainous Landscape

Two Bamboos Fighting Against One Red Stone

Digital Mountain - No09-MH81

Magnificent Palace

The Oranges of Dongting Lake and the Small Boats from the Dragon Mountain

Invidia: Endless High Tide


Deep & Secluded Valley

Soaring Waterfall & Fresh Greenery

Invidia : Falling shade

Red Leaves & White Stream

Bronze 'Hu' Wine Vessel

Chronos (86400 seconds)


A Japanese bronze ikebana vase

Bronze Flower Vase

Autumn Pond

Awakening Together with the Dawn

Trailing Winds III

Plainscape 1

Lotus and Dragon

The Mirrored Landscape (2)

Good Times: Blue Mountain Blue