Asian Art in London

Tuesday, 24 October - Sunday, 29 October 2023

Asian Art in London



The Mirrored Landscape (2)

Four Questions

Plainscape 1

Peacock Pearl and Jade D

Bronze Temple Flower Vase

What Can I Escape?

Bronze Flower Vase, Japan, Edo period, 17th/18th century

Streams and Mountains Without End, 2017

Bronze Hu, China, Han dynasty, c. 200 BC

Deep and Secluded Valley

Bronze Basin

Spring Moon and the Sea

Grand Mountains with Vast Sight

Mountainous Landscape

The Song of the Ancient Boatman

Bronze Flower Vase with Rooster Handles

Thirty-six Concubines-Amber Black,

Renew Yourself Time and Time Again

Early Autumn

Good Times: Blue Mountain Blue

Autumn Mist Bridge