The Winter Show

Friday, 19 January - Sunday, 28 January 2024

The Winter Show




Gilt bronze Fanghu, China, Han dynasty, c. 200 BC

Bronze garlic mouth vase

Half Hidden from the Eye - Fragrance of the Valley Orchid, 1990

Bronze Basin

Peacock- Pearl and Jade B

Bronze Flower Vessel

West Wind East Water 079

Bronze Guanyin with silver inscription

The Smoggy Chinese Dream

Bronze Flower Vessel

Chronos (86400 seconds)

Bronze Vase

Majesty Beyond a Myriad Valleys

Bronze Flower Vase

LOVE #80 - distance -

Bronze Censer

Trailing Winds III

Bronze Temple Vase

Clouds Barring Cliffy Mountains

Gathered Incense Burners

Bronze Flower Vase

Awakening Together with the Dawn

Pair of Bronze Flower Vases

Autumn Pond

Mixed Metal Flower Vase